Renovation Consultant for Hire

As a follow up to Kevin O’Connor’s interview last week a friend sent over this article about Bruce Irving who was the producer of This Old House for 17 years. He left This Old House in 2005 and has started up his own company that is unique to the industry. He saw a disconnect in the language between the contractors, architects, and homeowner, and he feels his experience working with people throughout all stages of the homebuilding process can help homeowners realize the potential of their projects.

As a “renovation consultant” Mr. Irving can assess a project by the hour or be hired with a retainer for long-term projects. An interesting analogy to his work is that of a “wedding planner” and the description wouldn’t be far from the truth. We suspect experienced entrepreneurs will follow his lead and it remains to be seen how commonplace “renovation consultants” become among home building projects but it’s apparent that many homeowners have already benefited from his services.

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