Repairing Damaged Baseboards

Crown, chair, and base Moldings add a touch of character and charm to any room no matter how old or new your home is. But these moldings are also not immune to the rigors of a household and often times they are subject to even more damage because they are located in high-traffic areas such as baseboards which are easily dinged by feet, furniture, and other moving objects.

If you’re baseboards are just dinged you can use a bit of putty and paint to fill in but if you need to replace the baseboard use care during removal as they can break. To loosen the moldings from the wall a putty knife is the best tool and if needed a light-duty prybar will assist in pulling the baseboard past those stubborn nails. Go easy and a little at a time along the length of the baseboard and after a couple passes the baseboard should pop off with ease.
If you need to cut new baseboard pieces a miter box is required and these can be picked up at any hardware store. They allow you to cut moldings at varying angles for interior or exterior corners.
We also recommend painting the moldings before you re-attach them to your wall as this will save you on area prep time and avoid mistakes on floors and walls.

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