Study Up on Your Home’s History

All home’s have a history, albeit some more interesting than others. There are a few ways to research your home’s past starting with your neighbors (preferably the older residents) who may have known the previous homeowners or have photos of neighborhood landmarks or changes.
You can then check out your home’s deed which is typically available at the recorder’s office of the city hall. Your deed should show all past ownership as well as changes in address. Yes, your home may not have moved but your neighborhood may have been re-zoned and re-numbered causing a change of address.

If you’ve got an old home that you are looking to restore to it’s original historical glory, the National Trust is a great resource. Listed below are some other tips for researching the history of your old or not so old home.
Tips on How to Trace the History of Your House [Toronto Public Library]
Researching the History of Your House [University of Maryland]
House History [The National Archives]
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Be an Old House Detective and Find the History of Your Home [Associated Content]

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