Review & Giveaway: Ryobi TEK4 Infrared Thermometer

One of the cooler products (no pun intended) we’ve reviewed is the Ryobi TEK4 Infrared Thermometer. All TEK4 Tools are cordless and use a rechargeable battery. Built for toughness they are impact and dust resistant so you won’t have to worry about taking it with you to the job site.
We certainly wish the TEK4 website ran a bit faster and was not built entirely in flash but it’s worth the wait to check out the product line.
We found the infrared thermometer to deliver as promised. The real time readout is actually fun to play with and we couldn’t stop pointing the laser at everything in the room. Turns out we should probably turn on the gas heater soon as our space was in the 60’s. The thermometer measures from temperatures ranging from -4 to 590 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 310 Celsius). So no worries using this in extreme environments.

The battery charge is a convenient easy to plug-in the wall unit and the thermometer itself fits snugly in your hands and is lightweight. The readout is backed by a green light and displays temps immediately. You can save up to 10 and compare maximum and minimum readings between two areas.
This tool is exclusively available at Home Depot for $69.97 and is a small price to pay to start on your own home energy audit.
Now let’s get to the good stuff!
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