Review: Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Power Paint Sprayer

We recently had an opportunity to test out one of the coolest painting tools available right now, the Ryobi ONE+ 18V Power Paint Sprayer.
The Ryobi is the only cordless paint sprayer in its class and it’s powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery which is compatible with the full line of Ryobi ONE+ cordless power tools.
The unit is relatively lightweight and the battery is super slim. It feels great in your hand and the grip should work for large and small hands just as well. If you need to paint above your shoulders the unit could get a bit tiring.

We think the green looks sharp and the design is simple and straightforward.


Operation is pretty simple. Simply load up the paint container with paint or stain and it easily locks into place on the unit. You can adjust the spray tip depending on the type of coverage you’d like.
Load up the battery, pull the trigger and you’ll be painting in no time.
The unit is relatively quite but it does go through paint faster than you may realize and covers more area than you think. Keep the sprayer always moving and you’ll avoid drips and coverage will be even.
We covered an outdoor chair in 3 minutes that took 20 minutes with a brush so this sprayer is definitely a time saver.
It does take a couple seconds for the paint to pump through the system and be prepared when it does.
Keep drafts and wind at a minimum as over spray will definitely be an issue with this unit so take care to clear the area of anything you don’t want getting painted.
The power and convenience of today’s lithium-ion cordless tools is amazing and the Ryobi would be a welcome addition to any homeowners arsenal of power tools. The time and energy saved with a sprayer is amazing but make sure you test it first to get a feel for the spray pattern and amount of over spray you’ll encounter.
This kit includes 2 batteries, carrying case, battery charger and sprayer unit.
Available at Home Depot for $219.
+ Gallons/Hour: 6.8
+ PSI: 2,500
+ On board hook for quick convenient storage.
+ Three spray patterns (round, horizontal or vertical) maximize spray control on a variety of surfaces.
+ Noise reduction pump allows for quiet operation.
+ Flexible tube design picks up paint in any direction for use at any angle.
+ Cordless convenience means paint projects have no limits. Continuous coverage with cordless convenience
+ Lithium-ion power doubles battery run-time.
+ Interchangeable with all RYOBI® ONE+ 18V products.
+ Ergonomic handle with overmold improves comfort and grip.
+ Innovative and patented delivery system eliminates the need for dilution.
Disclaimer: Ryobi provided this tool for our review under no expectations or obligations. We reserve the right to return this tool to Ryobi or offer it in a future Giveaway.

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