Safest House In The World

safe-house-los-angeles.jpgThe appearance of panic rooms or safe rooms in homes isn’t commonplace, but it’s not just something out of a Jodie Foster movie anymore.
A super luxe home outside Los Angeles could have the safest security system in the world, according to reports from The five-story fortress has a 360 degree view atop an impenetrable six-car garage. And it get’s crazier.
If an intruder manages to get past the security wall outside, the two hidden panic rooms and invisible “safe cores” are just another obstacle in their way. The safe core is an extended part of the home that is completely isolated.
Even a hurricane or chemical attack wouldn’t be able to touch them there. Plus, the safe cores aren’t like being inside a steel vault, but just like sitting inside your living room with a flat-screen and a collection of DVDs.

While this abode, outfitted for the likes of James Bond, is completely secure, it’s also not without it’s luxuries. There is also a spa, tiled terrace roof with amazing views, an elevator, a home theater and eight bathrooms so there’s never any morning bottleneck. It can be all yours for a mere $7.2 million.
Should the price of safety have no limits? Or is this home taking security measures to an extreme?
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