Save Energy by Line Drying Your Clothes

It’s a novel concept that is practiced in 90% of the world, but air/line drying your clothes will save 5-10% on your energy bills and washing in cold will save another 4%.
But in America many of us live in areas that are regulated by HOA’s (Home Owner’s Associations) that have regulations against what we can and can’t do to the appearance of our homes. These guidelines are enforced to keep a uniform look among the neighborhood but sometimes at the expense of an energy saver such as a simple cord to line-dry clothes. Unfortunately, in some circles there is a certain stigma against seeing a home with clothes air-drying even though clotheslines were once a portrait of Americana. There is a line-drying movement in New Hampshire that is gaining popularity and as the green movement grows it won’t be long before you may see your neighbors skirt the HOA and venture into DIY drying.
If you’re ready to ditch the dryer then check out these clotheslines from the Vermont Clothesline Co.

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  • Carissa

    when you see clothes out to dry it always looks so ghetto – sorry my opinion but it’s true. dryers are a lovely convenience of modern day life.

  • Floor Protection

    Thats true, line drying can save you money but dryers are just easier. Good post.

  • Michael C.

    I guess I’m a little Ghetto already and getting ready to be really ghetto with a four line, with pulleys, out in the back yard. Replacing a single line setup that has served me well for a couple years.
    The electricity savings for me is much higher than 8% by not using the dryer. But then again my electric bills run 1/2 to 1/3 of all my neighbors.