Save Water – Build a Rain Barrel

In honor of a little holiday called le jour de la monde, also known as “earth day”, let’s talk rain barrels. Here’s how to make your own:
1. Purchase a plastic 55 gallon barrel and avoid anything that once held toxic items, like cleaning products.
2. Install an overflow at the top.
3. Consider attaching the overflow to the downspout with a valve. Simply turn the valve off when the barrel is full and redirecting the runoff back into the downspout.
4. Purchase a spigot with a threaded nipple and simply twist it into the 1″ hole.
Confused yet?
You’re in luck. The city of Bremerton, Washington (a place I’ve never been) has great steps with diagrams and a tools list here.
Here’s a few great sites if you’d rather buy one:

Home Depot
Simply Rain Barrels
Clean Air Gardening
Photo: Clean Air Gardening

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