Say What? Celebrate Save Your Hearing Day in 2010

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Never mind Father’s Day. It’s a whole three weeks away anyhow. To truly appreciate the dad in your house (or in your life), you should celebrate him every day. Or any day. Or on random, bizarre holidays just for fun.
Is the guy in your life a home renovation fanatic? Heck, even the girls should be getting in on this one, power tools in hand. If you have a special someone who loves to hammer away at home improvement projects, mark May 31st on your calendar.
I SAID MAY 31st! That’s Save Your Hearing Day. I SAID SAVE YOUR… ah, you’ll catch on.

There are plenty of dangers to our sense of hearing during projects large and small. Take those power tools, for example. They can get so loud you have to crank the music even louder to hear your fav song.
So pick up a pair of ear protection to celebrate the day. Try those handy pairs with a radio built right it. Practice safety while you’re bopping to the beat. Or hang a little stocking over the fireplace full of ear plugs – they come in a wide variety of fashion colors.
Imagine the home improvement projects you could take on in honor of this holiday. Save Your Hearing Day practically screams for you to start that basement reno, adding acoustical insulation to the ceiling.
Or tackle the long awaited theater room, making sure to use sound proofing and celebrate the hearing faculties of the rest of your family.
Build a pole barn specifically geared for teen band practice. Now that will save your hearing. But don’t forget to stock the fridge and warn the neighbors.
Use your imagination and get into the spirit of this important holiday. Your ears will appreciate it.
photo courtesy of sxc/leosynapse

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