Schlage LiNK App on Your iPhone

One of our favorite green blogs, Jetson Green, spotted the Schlage LiNK app in the latest iPhone commercial.
If it really works as promised we love it!

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  • miranda

    I have trailer envy & at $2500 -I’m inspired to do some hunting.

  • Anne Marie

    A very cool and creative idea! This sure is less expensive than moving or building a house 😉 Does the city care if they park a trailer on their property? What do Zach and Erica’s neighbors think?

  • Mike Giannone

    great idea. you may be driving by our house soon to see the same sitting out front. of course it will be for all of joeys odds and ends, not mine.

  • larryvolland

    Jennifer, very cool artical; makes alot of sense at a great savings, and if they decide to move they can take the studio whith them and or sell it.

  • gsperk13

    Wow, what a great idea! I was just searching Craigslist for one of those, but didn’t think about going rural in my search.

    I do want to see the inside of Zach’s studio, though.

    • aarongomes

      Hmmm…what is inside that gem???

      I bet it is nicely organized.

  • Kelly

    This is a great idea…we are always searching for a vintage Airstream. My real find, that I regret to this day, was the lone 35′ Spartan Imperial Palace sitting idle on Hwy 95 near Sandpoint, ID. For $2500 it was the perfect waterfront retreat, if you happened to have a vacant piece of land. And, I have always wanted to be Queen of a palace.

    Too bad it’s long gone, but I am always on the lookout.

  • mickmayhew

    I thought this was my neighbors house. He is an architect and has an airstream on the side of house that he uses as his office. Everybody wants one! I’m sure this piece will inspire someone else to actually do it.

  • michellemoser

    Love the blog. Strange to read about someone I know….subjects and author alike. Will you do a follow-up when the renovation is complete? Can’t wait to see the finished product. I think you’ve got a lot of people thinking about Airstreams.

  • classy…