See Clearly with Tempered Glass Railings

tempered glass
Even on a large deck or patio, railings can make you feel closed or boxed in. Think about the beauty and open-look of tempered glass railings and break out of that box.
Installed in a wood or aluminum frame, tempered glass railings are the ultimate to provide safety and maintain the view of your beautiful backyard.

Are they Safe?

Most home applications of tempered glass use a 1/2″ thickness that’s specially made to withstand pressure – both from the climate and from human force.
Building codes across the continent allow tempered glass railings that meet thickness standards and are installed with proper post and rail spacing. Check with your local municipality or glass supplier for their standards.

Are They Low Maintenance?

Tempered glass will last for decades, if not longer. They are built for strength and are difficult to break under normal use. Glass isn’t affected by rot, bugs or pests.
The most you’ll have to do is clean the glass. Use a regular window cleaner or just spray down with a hose. Squigees and long handled mops work for the outside of high railings.

What About Different Designs?

Tempered glass come in a clear finish. They can also be etched with various decorative patterns and smoked or colored (which works well to reduce the number of birds flying into the railing).
Your framing can be in wood, composite, vinyl or aluminum. Match or compliment your deck or patio and make sure the railing system is specifically designed for use with glass.
With tempered glass railings, you can enjoy the whole yard from the comfort of your deck. They block the wind and can offer some privacy when patterned. A perfect idea for every landscape, consider using tempered glass on your patio.

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