Selecting a Christmas Tree: Fir, Spruce, or Pine

This year we went with a 10-ft. Douglas Fir basically because it was the only tree that had the tall and narrow silhouette that we required. It’s very healthy and the branches are spaced for ornaments to hang perfectly. The color is rich and the needles are shiny and give off a bit of a sweet and citrus smell, not quite the “christmas tree” scene we had envisioned but pleasant. The needle retention seems great so far but we’ve only had it for a few days. Here’s a list of the Top 10 Choices for Christmas Trees as well as more information about tree types and how to best select your tree in the lot.
There are other alternatives to cut trees such as buying a living tree that you can replant in your yard or going with an artificial tree that is easier to clean up and doesn’t impact the environment. If you do decide on a cut tree make sure you recycle it.

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