Shed Storage With Shelves and Stuff

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We keep all sorts of different things in our backyard sheds, from dangerous chemicals like gasoline and weed killer to sharp implements like pitch forks and harmless toys like basketballs. Any garage overflow and all of the yard necessities get stuffed into the shed.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all organized, in place and easy to access?
With shelving, hooks and specialty storage units installed, the chaos that might be our backyard sheds becomes neat, tidy and much more usable.

Take a look at your wall space. Then cover that with shelving wherever possible. Shallow wall shelves can hold small tools, cans, bottles and anything you’ll need at eye level. No more cardboard boxes full of indistinguishable spray cans. Go straight to the ceiling if possible, over the top of windows and doors and into the corners with angled shelves.
For heavier items, bring in a sturdy pre-made shelf system. Steel, heavy duty plastic or solid wood, this unit needs to have wide and deep shelves while still fitting unobtrusively into the space.
Attach hooks to the walls as well. Small patio tables, camp chairs, patio umbrellas and any number of other items can be hung out of the way and off of the floor. Hooks will take up shelf space so make sure you plan well. And consider how you will remove things as well. If you’re going to be hanging bulky items up there, you’ll need clear floor space underneath to do so.
Rafter storage is another great option. Skis, bats, hockey sticks – pretty much anything long and thin can be slid up into the roof trusses (if you have them). If your shed doesn’t have rafters, take the initiative and put in some fake ones.
Framing that runs between each side of the roof can be used for storage in the same way. You can also have a lot more space for hooks on a fake roof framing system.
Specialty storage units can also be made. With two pieces of plywood and six lengths of 2×6 you can have the perfect place to store rakes, shovels and other long handled garden tools.
Cut out notches to slide the handles in and construct a floor unit or a hanging wall unit. Get those tools separated and off of the floor.
Your shed can look great and function well with careful planning. Make the most of your outdoor storage space with all sorts of shelving and stuff.
photo courtesy of Son of Groucho at flickr/sonofgroucho

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