Sherlockin’ the History of Homes

When you buy a home you don’t just take ownership of an engaging exterior, the rooms inside it, or the land it all sits on. No. Unless you’ve built it yourself, you’ve just bought yourself a piece of history.
There are plenty of bloggers out there going Sherlock Holmes and trying to learn about their purchase in greater detail. Ready to don that detective’s hat? Here’s a few places to explore:

1. Ask the neighbors.
Some of the more senior residents may surprise you with what they know. They might even have photos.
2. County government. Either the tax assessor’s, treasurer’s or recorder’s office should be able to tell you who owned the property from Day One, logging each transaction for the life of the home.
3. The local library. Depending on the age of your home, the library could provide a wealth of information including newspaper clippings, old city directories, and sometimes, census records.
4. Google it. If you come up with a family name, check it out on Google, searching with the names of your town and street.

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