Shipping Container Hotel

Casasugar found this unique hotel built in London, England that uses shipping containers as building materials.
The Travelodge hotel in London, opened on August 15, and was crafted from 86 steel containers in a modular construction project developed by Verbus Systems.

According to Green Building News.
The containers were modified and fitted with hotel room fixtures and fittings in Shenzen, China, shipped to England, trucked to the site and then fitted together in a framework to form the building. It took only 20 days to place the containers in the framework.
Paul Harvey, the managing director of international and development at Travelodge, said his firm’s use of modified shipping containers to construct hotels demonstrates its “commitment to innovation and cost effectiveness.”
“Customers will notice no difference in their room to a traditionally constructed hotel, yet they will benefit from the low prices we charge due to our desire to cut the cost of doing business,” Harvey said.

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