Should You Hire a Kitchen Designer?

We’re kicking off a series from kitchen and bath designer Cheryl Clendenon who runs her own award-winning design shop called In Detail and also takes the time to blog.
In this series Cheryl is going to share some answers to popular questions for folks considering hiring a designer. We touched on this last year but Cheryl is digging deeper.
Should I hire a kitchen designer?
Countless decisions must be considered when building a new home or remodeling an existing one. One of the first decisions you should consider is who you will retain to help you through the process as well as assisting you with the final design plan for furnishings and interior details.
Often people do not think about hiring a designer right from the beginning. They may only see the designer entering the picture after the home is built or remodeled and needs only the “pretty” things.

I own a design studio that provides complete design services. We have specialized in kitchens,baths and space planning for a very long time but have expanded to include much more. The decision was made partly, at the behest of clients wanting consistency from start to finish covering all areas of the home and not just kitchens and baths. Sort of a one stop shop from inception to completion with our firm coordinating many of the details.
Often we work with architects right from the beginning as well as the contractor. If a smaller job, we may do the planning and design layouts in house. Not all designers offer these comprehensive services but many do, even if they are a smaller shop. It is well worth your time and budget to consider hiring a designer to help you with the entire project not just the final details.
“My job is too small for the services of a designer” or “I cannot afford design help”
I realize most people may think they have no budget for design help. Trust me, a good designer, someone who you have a good rapport with and who understands your specific needs, can save you money in the long run. This has been proven to me over and over again with projects of all sizes.
Just remember, even if you are a very savvy client who understands much about the design process, there is still no way you can have the same level of knowledge as someone who does this for a living. This includes the experience of having “been there done that” with potential problems that might arise as well as an understanding of various products and solutions that may work for your situation.
Designers spend an inordinate amount of time always looking for new things, and often can advise you of methods to get the same essence of style but perhaps in a less expensive way.
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photo: Cheryl Clendenon

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