Choose the Right Caulk

Selecting the right caulk for your job is important and it may be a bit intimidating to see the variety available at your local hardware store. Silicon Caulk is by far the most popular type of caulk that can be used in many different applications but is has it’s drawbacks such as it’s difficult removal and bad odor. Here are some other caulk alternatives and how to use them.
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  • Trey Hopson

    Wow, so setting up a bathroom vent requires some calculations to be done. That’s another thing added here in the to-do list for the neighbor’s vent: Calculate the CFM. Thanks for the formula, Charles and Hudson!

  • Selene McGraw

    Remember to check out also your insulation when installing these exhaust fans, as ceilings are the number one passageways of any house’s indoor air temperature. Your heater and air conditioning (just in case you want to make your bathroom even colder. LOL) will be put to waste if you don’t check out your insulation well.

  • Staci Severns

    Yes, that’s right. An accurate calculation of a bathroom’s size, width, and length can help determine what type of exhaust vent needs to be installed. If the right exhaust vent is installed, good ventilation and air circulation can happen in a room or space. And that can help gradually eliminate unwanted odor inside the bathroom.