Slipping and Sliding On Vinyl Decks – Are They Safe?

vinyl deck.jpg
Many homeowners are looking to vinyl decks for a true maintenance free solution. PVC (or Polyvinyl Chloride) will last for decades without a drop of stain. But will your deck become dangerously slippery in the rain?
A completely flat vinyl or plastic surface would surely become a hazard with any kind of moisture. But thankfully, vinyl deck boards are not made that way.
Manufacturers have perfected the technology of creating vinyl decking that mimics a wood grain. Those grooves and swirls not only look more interesting and natural, but they provide a non-slip surface when moisture puddles on top are broken up with a rougher texture.

Brands without the intentional wood look have linear grooves incorporated to reduce slippage.
Another plus for vinyl is that mold and mildew won’t grow on it. Organic material holds water and provides a slimy surface – perfect for a stumble. With no organics growing on the deck board, that possibility is eliminated.
The infamous squeaking or noise of vinyl deck boards has been phased out with new extrusion techniques as well. No more hollow vinyl deck boards that squeak under every footstep.
Vinyl decking manufacturers are working hard to produce quality products that are safe to use and an attractive addition to your back yard. Investigate the freedom found in a vinyl deck today.
Some interesting offerings we saw at the Builders’ Show include those from Fiberon and Timbertech.

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