Smith & Wesson Home Security Services

There is no bigger name in the firearm industry than Smith & Wesson and they are betting that name recognition carries over to their new line of home security services that was introduced at the 2010 Builders’ Show.
We spoke to VP Adrian Almendarez who was very excited about this product and seemed to be a true believer. He’s spent more than 10 years working in the home security field for some of the biggest names but he thinks that Smith & Wesson is really doing it the right way by offering a system that is modular and you can set the exact level of security you want or they can build a system based on your preferences.

Security options include:
+ Smoke and fire sensors
+ Glass break sensors
+ Motion detectors (immune to pets)
+ Window and door contacts
+ Carbon monoxide detectors
There are three different communication systems you can use with your alarm. Internet, mobile phone or phone line. Having these multiple backup systems is key to keeping a home protected if one of the systems goes down.
We’re certain that Smith & Wesson has had multiple opportunities to slap their name on all types of products but they’ve kept their brand strong by focusing on what they know best and home security services seems a natural extension to their worldwide reputation.

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