Sneak Peak from Stiletto Tools at 2010 Builders’ Show

One of the smallest booths at the 2010 Builders’ Show was that of Stiletto Tools, but it was also the busiest. We stopped by numerous times to try and have a chat with them but there was a constant flow of people wanting to give their titanium hammer the TBII-15 TiBone a swing.

Stiletto Tools has made it’s name on their line of titanium hammers but the founder, Mark Martinez, gave us a sneak peek of their upcoming line of builders squares.
They’ve deviated from titanium with this square as the weight saving is negligible and unnecessary with a tool like this. Instead they’ve opted for aluminum. This triangle is a bit thicker than most and includes a built-in level which is handy. More specs to come later but expect this new tool in a few months and I’m betting this isn’t the only new offering from Stiletto Tools.

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