Soundproof a Room for the Guitar Hero in You

With the rise in audio devices and gaming, the sound separation between rooms and apartments is becoming more important.
Soundproofing a room by professional means isn’t always the best or cheapest option but here are some tips to consider before wailing away on Guitar Here at 1am.
Rugs and Carpet
If you are on hardwood floor or tile you should consider carpet or adding a rug to the room to decrease the sound that reverberates. It also increases the quality of sound in the room.
Glass is bad
Cover any windows with drapes as glass reflects sound even more so than walls and creates a booming effect.
Raise the speakers
Get your speakers off the floor. If you have stands or can place them on a bookshelf they will perform better and send less noise through the floors or walls.
Invest in some wireless headphones and listen to your TV, music or games through them. They will definitely sound better than what your room probably does and you’ll have nicer neighbors because of it.
p.s. – Matthew Gray Gubler is awesome at Guitar Hero but we hear he’s officially retired at the top of his game.

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