Soy-Based Insulation Reduces Heating, Cooling Costs

While perusing the Greater Kansas City Home Show, I repeatedly passed a booth advertising soy-based insulation. Intrigued, I had to find out more about this clever use for one of the nation’s most bountiful crops.
Blue Springs, Mo.-based Soysation Insulation has developed a product that fits seamlessly with rising eco-awareness: environmentally friendly soy- and corn-based insulation.

As effective as traditional fiberglass insulation varieties, Soysation is a healthier, more cost-efficient alternative that boasts several benefits, including mold resistance, reduced HVAC loading, reduction of allergic reactions and ability to create a sound barrier.
In addition, the company’s corn-based insulation is said to be one of the highest flame repellents available on the market. And because Soysation uses soy and corn, the company works with and supports Midwestern farmers, creating a much-needed synergy that extends beyond the dinner table.
Photo courtesy of Soysation Insulation

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