Spring Riding Mower Inspection

It’s officially Spring and lawns are back. If you use a riding lawn mower you should inspect it similar to any other vehicle that you would have stored for 3-5 months. John Deere has some great tips for inspecting your mower that will keep you riding throughout the season.
1. Check oil and fluids.
Similar to maintaining an automobile, it is important to check the oil, replace the filter and change the transmission fluid and engine coolant to ensure quality performance and operation. In addition, fuel can break down over the winter and cause hard starting. Drain and replace all fuel before the first cut.
2. Sharpen and balance blades.
Keeping mower blades sharp and balanced prevents vibration. Healthy blades make a clean cut on the grass blade, which helps eliminate the possibility of fungus, disease and infestation, ensuring a healthy and hearty lawn.

3. Inspect belts for wear.
Be sure to check all belts and adjust tension as needed. Ensuring all engine operations are working properly is vital for top performance.
4. Check tire tread and pressure.
For maximum maneuverability, tires should be filled to capacity with a deep tread. This also helps prevent the risk of slipping on steep or uneven terrain.
5. Call Ready To Mow.
A factory-trained John Deere technician will come to your doorstep in order to perform the necessary maintenance on any outdoor power equipment (John Deere brand or not). This
convenient service allows you to spend more time with your hands in soil rather than oil!

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