Streamlining: Stylish Trailer Storage

If you need extra room, but can’t commit to a major remodel, consider parking a trailer in your yard. Oakland residents Zach Moser and Erica Gomes didn’t have adequate space in their 2-bedroom, 900-square-foot Oakland bungalow to accommodate Zach’s photography studio. So they drove lonely country roads and attended farm equipment auctions in California’s Central Valley until they found this 1976 Airstream Caravanner for $2,500.
Want to find one of your own? It’s not as hard, or as costly, as you might think.
First, don’t look in the obvious places or you could pay a premium. Zach and Erica’s unconventional tactics paid off fourfold (a similar one online is listed for $10,000). The couple scanned rural listings on Craigslist, and they weren’t afraid to knock on doors when they found trailers abandoned on overgrown lots.

Second, choose a trailer with a clean body. Repairing dented aluminum can be costly and labor intensive. If you choose to remove the interiors, the parts can be sold to collectors and, like Zach, you can tailor the space to fit your specific purpose.
Third, carefully measure your yard space. Vintage Airstream trailers range in size from 16 feet to upwards of 32 feet. It’s important to get it right the first time.
Now parked in their side yard, Zach and Erica’s airstream is currently undergoing a full interior transformation. Stay tuned for the results!

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