Table Saw Safety Rules

This recall got us thinking about safety again (safety should always be on our mind). We came across this list of table saw safety regulations and maintenance tips.
The absolute safety rules regarding table saws are:
1. Always use a push stick when the fence is set under 3″ to the blade.
2. Never stand in line with the blade.
3. Always unplug the saw when changing the blades.
4. Never reach over the blade.
5. Always wear eye protection.

The basic safety rules to be followed during table saw operation:
1. Make sure the fence is locked into place after setting the desired width.
2. Always keep the work firmly down on the table while pushing it past the blade.
3. Keep the work riding against the fence throughout the operation.
4. Don’t allow an excessive overhang of the work beyond the blade.
5. Don’t feed the material faster than the saw will accept.
Learn it, know it, live it…
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