Take Charge with the SnoBoss Snow Shovel

As everyone knows the mid-Atlantic has been walloped with more snow than usual and many parts of the rest of the country are also blanketed in the white stuff.
We really like products that take a basic tool and improve on it without trying too hard to revolutionize a process. The SnoBoss from True Temper looks to fit the bill as it retains the same function of shoveling snow but with a few enhancements it has made the process less arduous and more efficient.
What we like most about this design are the neutral hand-grips that allow your body to work from a stronger position which relieves stress on your back and wrists. There’s also a footstep to provide more leverage.

The scoop fronts a 26″ blade and is over-sized for hauling lots of snow but the SnoBoss is light enough for any person which helps delay fatigue.
You should be able to find the SnoBoss at select Lowe’s and The Home Depot stores, and other leading retailers nationwide at a possible retail price of $36.99.

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