Tattoos of Tools or Tools with Tattoos

This photo gallery of tool tattoos was popular on our main and deserves to also be shared on our tool blog. Inspired by this T Square tattoo we spotted on a recent trip to Seattle, we decided to pull together a photo gallery of tattoos dedicated to tools.
It’s difficult to tell which body part some of these tool tattoos are located on but many of them would be very difficult to cover up which shows true dedication to their tool tat.
The wrench seems to be the most popular tool put to ink and no better tool represents the working-class, DIY ethos more than a wrench.
Which one’s your favorite?

photo: amerdoozer
photo: sylviels
photo: sylviels
photo: sylviels
photo: wages
photo: wages
photo: grayfamilia
photo: blasmslick
photo: seldom_seen
photo: logtec
photo: ragzrejected
photo: earthdog
photo: Loulou Harbour
photo: cmr0385
photo: thru jens eyes

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  • lawebchick

    With all the construction I’ve been doing on my house, I’ve been brutally hard on flashlights lately. Maybe this one would hold up to the abuse!

  • asheffi

    I would love this light. I’m alone and in Florida in a storm the lights can go off at any time. Plus there is always a dark spot that I need to see in.

  • Fran Welch

    My aim is to have a flashlight in every room in the house. The energizer Hard Case Swivel Light would be perfect for the kitchen.

  • Rick

    It reminds me of an updated design of the old GI issued flash lights.

  • louisegilbert

    Great giveaway!Love the Energizer Hard Case Swivel Light, too cool, makes a great gift for any man on your list:)

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    I’d love this. Living in an up and down black out area during hurricane season, this is just what I need.

  • Yolande Tingle

    This would be awesome to use in my house. I’m a single mom and I always either have to get under the house in the crawl space to check something out or get in the attic. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • abfantom

    I’d love to win this!

  • abfantom

    I’d love to win this!

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  • Can think of a million ways I could have used this already — and a million more in the future!
    (Commenting after RTing)

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  • patrickmoran

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    My husband would love this hard case Energizer swivel light. I like that it uses LED which last longer than normal light bulbs too.Thank you,Lauralee Hensley

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    Hard Case and Swivel….any woman’s dream light!!

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  • missdeb1

    Oh, something my husband hasn’t brought back from Home Depot yet. He’d love to have this,

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    What a great idea. I can see its use in car engine searches.

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    Pick me! Pick me! My husband has a serious thing for flashlights, and he would just go nuts for this one. (BTW, we lived at Perry & Hudson before moving to LA and love hearing your NY memories…Oh Garber’s, how we loved you.)

    • Christy Shannon

      Perry & Greenwich, I meant. Sad…my NY geography is already failing me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Reminds me of army and boy scout lights from many years ago – always liked being able to use the angled light.

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    I would love to win the light. We do all of our own home improvement, and often need a light (since we work well into the night). I think I’m going to like this blog that Martha has inspired…
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    How well does it clean off after being in a tool box? Some of that plastic case decomposes faster than an M&M in my nephews hands when in contact with oils, 7 cleaning solutions.

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  • Thanks everyone for entering this weeks Giveaway. The winner has been notified. Check back every Monday for the next Giveaway.

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    my old one barely works and really eats batteries

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    It would be nice not tripping over the dog when I get up at 4 am. This swivel light would make both of us very happy.

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