Tending To Backyard Trees

Even if you’re not a tree hugger, there’s a lot to love about having trees in the yard. But hey, rot happens. And so do overgrown branches. And pests. When it’s time to look for a professional to tend to your tree needs, go through this check list from the Washington Post before your pick a company.
1. Shop Around. Make sure you get estimates from various companies. The Post found that many of the companies in the Maryland/D.C. area with lower bids were also the highest ranking in customer satisfaction.
2. Read Carefully. Your bid and contract should be specific in what’s being removed. For example, “remove all dead or dying branches with at least one inch in diameter” and make sure there’s a clause that they’ll haul away everything when they’re done – or at least stack things neatly in your yard.

3, Spray Specifics. If you’re having a tree or an area sprayed for pests, find out what you have to do beforehand to prepare, for example, cover lawn furniture.
4. Begin and End. Make sure the contract states a beginning and end date. You don’t want a job to be halfway done with no end in sight.

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