The Family Grill Update using Natural Gas

Well it seems I’ve shamed my family into replacing our 20 year old outdoor bbq grill. This week Dad picked up a Char-broil stainless stell unit for $179 from Big Lots with 3 burners and a side warmer. Our previous grill hooked right up to our natural gas outlet but discovered that this one wasn’t going to go as easy.

Here’s how Dad overcame this challenge:
You’d think a conversion kit was available to go from LPG to natural gas. Not so, the company told us. If you are ever told this, don’t believe them. There is a conversion chart that tells one how much larger to drill the venturi openings…it will be a drill bit with a number designation such as 50 or 52. Do this, and any LPG rated BBQ is good to go to use natural gas.
Thanks for the tip!

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