The Thanksgiving Table Seating Chart

A properly planned Thanksgiving table seating chart can go a long ways towards a happy and entertained group during the holidays.
The larger the family the actually easier it is to seat people as you have many more options and don’t have to choose between the lesser of two evils (Uncle Joe and Cousin Mike who hate each other or Uncle Joe and Aunt Sharon who also hate each other).
Keep these thoughts in mind when creating your Thanksgiving table seating chart.

1. Be honest about relationships and put everyone in a position on the table to enjoy themselves. Just because you can’t stand your step-sister Joan doesn’t mean she should be banished to the end of the table.
2. Give everyone enough elbow room. If you need to bring in more chairs or tables then do so. Crowding gets on everyone’s nerves.
3. Keep all of this fun. If you find yourself getting stressed out just take a deep breath and remember the reason we are celebrating and that’s for giving thanks for everyone.
4. Plan for extras as well a no-shows. There will always be a fluctuating group so don’t get thrown off if it doesn’t go as planned and if people throw the seating chart out the window then just deal with it and enjoy the holiday, you deserve it!

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