The Joy of In Home Saunas

The sauna experience derives from Finland, but an in-home sauna gives you the experience of a wet or dry heat session in the comfort and privacy of your own home, anywhere in the world.
Before you purchase an in-home sauna, determine its purpose and make sure you want a sauna, and not a steam room. Saunas are used to relax and rejuvenate, while steam rooms are generally more medicinal in their purpose, as they are thought to help detoxify the body as well as treat respiratory ailments. Another difference is that an in-home electrically heated sauna uses drier heat and hotter air with a humidity of 10-30%, whereas a steam room operates at a constant humidity level of 100% at much lower temperatures.

There are a wide variety of options to consider when choosing an in-home sauna, including cost and size. If you are limited by space, consider a portable in home sauna, which can range in price from $300-$3,000. Portable saunas are electrically generated, but can often be collapsed to fit under a bed, a plus in a tight space.
Other options for in-home saunas are build it yourself kits, which can be installed in any room you wish to transform into a sauna. Kits include varying types of heaters as well as a generator, head and controls.
photo: Clarkson Scamp

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