The Tiniest Kitchen Remodel Ever

Katie of Making This Home houseblog has shared with us a kitchen remodel unlike any we’ve seen. She and her husband are Americans who recently moved to Berlin and are making do with a 480 sqft apartment that came with a 36 sqft kitchen. As it was the kitchen only had a sink a couple cabinets and room for a small range. The previous tenants had kept a fridge and freezer in the living area with dishes stacked on top.

That solution was not going to work for Katie and she and her husband went about to make use of what available space they had and remodel their kitchen themselves. This wasn’t as easy as an American home remodel as in Berlin the interior walls are built of solid drywall and the load bearing walls are concrete and rebar. This puts a dent in major addition plans but it didn’t stop Katie from pushing through and we think the end result looks fantastic.
Check out their kitchen remodel and if you’ve got one of your own to share please send it to us at

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