The Wall Wizard’s Painting Secrets

In addition to hundreds of exhibitors, the annual Greater Kansas City Home Show and Flower, Lawn and Garden Show offers several seminars including painting and faux finish techniques from Brian Santos, better known as The Wall Wizard.
One of his favorite sayings? “When you can’t move, you improve,” and paint is one of the easiest ways to dramatically change your home’s interior. Santos, a fourth generation paint and wallpaper contractor, has channeled several decades spent in the industry into a wealth of knowledge and experience. Some of his top tips include:

*Never use newspaper when you paint, only plastic materials.”
*Invest in good brushes, which make all the difference in your painting technique and finish. If you buy tin brushes, they’ll soon begin to rust, which leads to paint contamination.”
*Do not use off-white masking tape when protecting baseboards, trim, window sills, etc. Use blue masking tape or, better yet, try 3M’s painter’s pre-taped masking film, which includes a soy oil-based plastic film that folds out and clings to surfaces away from your painting area.”
*To eliminate paint odor, mix four drops of vanilla extract per quart of latex paint, a recipe that adds a fragrant boost without compromising color. Never use perfumes, as the oil and other ingredients will destroy paint.”

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