The Worst Paint Colors For A Home Exterior

We’ve all seen them. Maybe you’re out for a leisurely stroll, or a relaxing drive. You decide to check out some of the nearby neighborhoods. And then, without warning … you encounter one of THOSE houses. You know what we’re talking about–a home painted with a color so garish, so horrible, that you can’t help but admire the homeowner even as you laugh and question his or her mental reasoning skills.
So why is a good exterior color so important, anyway? Well, it can easily enhance the appearance of your house–and, just as quickly, detract from your home’s exterior and curb appeal. Plus, if you live in a neighborhood, you and your neighbors may be concerned about an overall aesthetic. It doesn’t mean your homes have to look exactly alike, but you all probably strive for harmony so that the overall effect is more pleasing to the eye.
Stay Away From These Colors
If you’ve decided to paint your home’s exterior, don’t go too crazy when selecting a color. Sure, purple and orange can be inventive in a kid’s room–but on the outside of your house? Nope. Other color mistakes we’ve seen include Smurf (yes, Smurf) blue, pink and mustard yellow. Or a combo of yellow and red, as seen in the above picture, which we’re now calling the McDonald’s house.

If you’re eager to inject some color into your home’s exterior, there are other ways to approach the project. Try a vividly hued front door, perhaps, in a sunny yellow or bright red. Install some colorful porch furniture, or plant bright flowers along your walkway to liven up your yard.
How To Select An Exterior Color
We don’t mean to sound like you can only choose gray or white or taupe for your home’s exterior. If you want color, try a muted hue–maybe a smoky gray blue, or brick red, or a pale yellow. Those are all great choices that complement a variety of exterior materials and trim color.
If you live in an older home, you may want to do a bit of research and pick a hue that’s historically accurate.
And regardless of your home’s age, keep the existing exterior features in mind. Do you have brick, stucco or another material on the outside of your home? What’s the color of your roof? These are all things you’ll want to consider so that you can ensure your paint choice blends with these elements.
Now it’s your turn. What’s the craziest house color you’ve seen?

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