This Old Duplicate House

Quite a few readers have sent us this recently posted (January 2009) article from This Old House that is exactly like the article we published in May of 2008.

We understand that times are tough in the publishing industry and finding new content and writers isn’t always easy. We’ve already seen many examples of mainstream media “lifting” content from sources such as blogs and forums and claiming it as their own and I’m sure this tendency will only worsen as budgets are slashed and editors scramble to meet deadlines.
We hope this is a one time transgression by TOH and not a trend as we always enjoy their compelling and original content.
UPDATE: It appears this article is one of the writers most popular do-it-yourself projects and it originally ran in the Westview paper in New York city before being published on Charles & Hudson and This Old House.
The writers ultimate goal is to share his home improvement solutions with as many people as possible so we can’t fault him spreading the word so keep an eye out for more of his great work on the Hardware Aisle.

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