This Old House is New Again

Congratulations to the web team at This Old House (most notably, Betsy, Eric, Kristen, and Christopher) for their successful launch of the new and improved It’s been almost two years in the making and through countless hours of thoughtful planning, maintaining a dedicated focus, and nose to the grindstone work, we can honestly say that the new website should rank as one of the premier home improvement resources online and a welcome addition to the top tier of Time Inc sites that include (TIME, People, Sports Illustrated, and Fortune).

With all of the information you’d ever need located in the top navigation across the site and broken down by Planning & Ideas, How To & Repair, Tools & Products, and Give & Get Advice. The homepage is “blog like” in nature with the most important content listed down the left side which includes videos, step by steps, and photo galleries. There’s also a quick-reference box of home improvement topics that someone may be searching for in How To, Planning, or Tools.
The This Old House TV show from which the website and magazine originate has been relegated to near the bottom of the homepage but all of the archived TV content and information about the current house project is still available, as is the more recent Ask This Old House series.
On a not so minor footnote, HUGE designed the site and deserves props for bringing one of the most venerable American brands into the world of web 2.0.
Full disclosure: The editor of Charles and Hudson was formerly the senior web producer of This Old House and knows first hand the challenge that the current team faced in this site redesign and is proud of their achievement.

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