Tighten Your Belts with E-Z Sander

Sanding blocks can be a pain in the you know what. Ripping off the correct sized piece without wasting paper can be frustrating.
We came across the E-Z Sander at the National Hardware Show this year and the inventor, Rick Patton, was at the booth and was pleased to show us his solution to sanding. The E-Z Sander is made of molded, high-impact plastic and the belts are wet/dry and come in a wood and automotive version that each include 3 different grits.
The belts are blue but the sanders come in 6 different colors – our favorite are lime green and red.

To operate the E-Z Sander simply turn the side thumbwheels, the internal plungers push forward, putting positive tension on the belt. Reversing the thumbwheels allows you to slide the belt and then remove and replace the belt.
You can order these online and ask for them at your local hardware store.

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