Tips for Selecting Paint Colors

selecting-paint-color-choosing.jpgPainting a room is a quick and easy makeover that makes a huge impact. But because it does require effort and takes time to change or can clash with furnishings or artwork, most homeowners take their time when it comes to selecting the proper paint color and you’ve got to consider more than just what your paint selector iPhone app tells you.
Here are some tips to ponder when selecting a paint color.
1. Color evokes emotion and nobody wants to be enveloped in a room that has a “bad vibe” because of the color of the walls. Keep the mood you want to convey at the forefront when considering colors.
2. Think beyond traditional colors for rooms. e.g., Nurseries don’t have to be sky blue or pink but any pastel shades could work.
3. If you think you might change your mind later don’t go with an initial dark color or you’ll limit your options down the road.

4. Consider how the paint will look in the lighting of your room. You may have a gorgeous taupe selected but under your CFL’s it turns into a not so appealing sea-foam green.
Take an old piece of drywall and ask the hardware guy to put a sample swipe of paint on it. Let it dry then place it against the wall in the room you want to paint. Adjust the lighting as it would be. Also think about the time of day and the natural light in the room.
5. Traffic may play a role in your paint color as areas of the house that are highly trafficked by kids or equipment have walls that face more dirt and grime. Both of which are much more noticeable against a lighter background.

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