Tips for Temporary Storage

When painting a room, replacing flooring, or cleaning out a garage, there isn’t always extra space in your home to store the furniture, appliances, or tools that usually occupy that space. Plus, bringing garage storage bins inside can be messy and storing furniture appliances outside is asking for trouble. PODS have been around since 1998 and they are a portable moving and storage solution. They are a great solution as temporary secure storage while you remodel or organize. The ground level entry also makes it much easier to move items into and with PODS you can have the entire POD picked up and stored off-site.
If you are looking for a cheaper solution then plastic tarps are the way to go. And if you’ve got access to palettes thats even better. Place the pallet on the ground then the tarp over that and then place your items on the tarp and then cover it with another tarp. This should protect your things from the weather but anything outside is typically not considered very secure.

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