Top 5 Tools of Mass Destruction

We all love the demolition part of a project. The primitive satisfaction gained from tearing into a wall with abandon is unmatched. Not only is it gratifying to remove old, rotted, and unsightly structures it’s also better on the wallet and typically easier to find friends to help out.
Besides safety goggles (required) and a respiratory mask (asbestos protection), you need the right tools to get the job done quickly so you can move into the building phase.
We’ve compiled our list of the “Top 5 Tools of Mass Destruction”
5. Wilton 14lb double-face Sledge Hammer
It ain’t sexy but a sledge hammer is the foundation of any demolition toolkit. We like this one because at 14lb’s fatigue is lessened but the impact isn’t. The high-visibility neon head and “unbreakable” handle also make this sledge hammer a keeper.
4. DeWALT Heavy-Duty Demolition Hammer
This tool sits on the edge of contractor grade demolition tools but it’s reasonably priced and can be operated by novices with care. It comes in handy when a sledge hammer just won’t do.
3. 360 Rotating Sawzall
There are heavier duty reciprocating saws out there but none of them can offer the comfort and adaptability of the 360 rotating handle Sawzall from Milwaukee tools. This thing will go through 2×4’s and drywall like butter.

2. Alligator Lopper
For sheer intimidation or cheesy effect these loppers from Black & Decker fit the bill. It’s an easy association to make between an alligator and a lopper and with the 4.5 amp motor you might feel like you’ve got the actual reptile in your hands.

1. Fubar Utility bar
Our top demo tool is the Stanley FUBAR (Functional Utility Bar). It’s a 4-1 tool for prying, splitting, board bending, and striking. It’s manufactured from 1-piece forged steel and Stanley offers a limited lifetime warranty. The FUBAR also comes in a mini-version that may be more comfortable for some and is better for working in tighter spaces.
But what makes this tool a clearcut number one is their website dedicated to the FUBAR with graphic detail of how it can be used. The helmet cam is a nice touch just don’t hurt the bunny.

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