Top 10 Green Building Products 2009

Jetson Green has tipped us to BuildingGreen’s Top 10 list of green building products for 2009. They breakdown their choices with a brief description, why it’s green and what level of LEED credit relevance it’s been awarded.
One of our favorites is the Pozzotive Plus CMUs and Concrete Brick from Kingston Block.
Pozzotive Plus concrete masonry units (CMUs) and concrete facing brick are manufactured using up to 30% post-consumer recycled glass as a portland cement substitute and an average of 50% post-consumer recycled masonry aggregate from local sources in the Northeast. The recycled glass pozzolan (with the tradename Pozzotive), made by Empire Resource Recycling, LLC, is ground to about 15 microns (a finer powder than portland cement) and used in place of the cement, saving about one ton of CO2 for every ton of cement replaced.
Pozzotive Plus CMUs have been made with up to 90% recycled aggregate, though 50% is typical. Compared to conventional CMUs and brick, Pozzotive Plus products require less energy to produce, are stronger, and have greater moisture and chemical resistance, according to the company.

The other intriguing product is the portable solar generator from Mobile Solar Power. It’s like a small trailer affixed with a solar panel that can be hitched to any truck to provide power on the go without the need to burn fossil fuels like a typical generator.
Mobile Solar Power manufactures a range of portable solar-powered generators that integrate PV panels, inverters, charge controllers, and lead-acid storage batteries into a self-contained trailer that keeps all components other than the PV modules fully protected and out of the elements. Used as a silent, more environmentally responsible replacement for portable diesel generators, these units are available in multiple models with maximum energy storage ranging from 9.3 to 45 kWh (390 to 1880 amp-hours) and daily power production up to 18.7 kWh, with rated output of 9.5–90 amps.
[via Jetson Green]

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