Top 10 Ways to Build Green

The Central Plains chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council is at the Greater Kansas City Home Show this weekend, offering tips and resources for homeowners interested in going green, especially when building a home.
According to a tip sheet compiled by the Central Plains chapter, the top 10 ways to build green include:

*Choose a location for your new home that isn’t in an environmentally sensitive area but that is within walking distance of schools, shops and public transportation.
*Design and orient your home so that it takes advantage of natural light and radiant heat.
*Build with green materials.
*Build tight and ventilate right with non-toxic insulation.
*Install energy-efficient doors and windows.
*Look for the Energy STAR rating when selecting appliances, HVAC, water heaters and more.
*Install daylighting.
*Use water-conserving fixtures and irrigation systems.
*Size your home appropriately.
*Install tools for producing renewable energy.

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