Top 5 Qualities of Interior Paint

According to Glidden paint these are the top 5 qualities of premium interior paint that you should look for.
1. Color match
We continuously test Glidden paint’s new formula in every kind of light to ensure that the color you see in the can is exactly what you see on your walls. For ultimate color matching, it’s recommended to take the paint chip out of the retail location into natural daylight and also into the home. It’s important to note that the colorant added to the base paint does not affect paint quality.
2. Flow
Quality interior paint is not too thick or too thin. It flows smoothly and easily off the brush or roller and onto the walls, making application quick and simple. The less paint spatter coming off the brush or roller equates to higher quality paint.
3. Quick-coat coverage
Quality paint offers better hide (coverage) of a previous wall color with fewer coats of paint. Whether applied with a brush or a roller, many colors can cover black and white surfaces, with a primer that kills pigment, in as little as one coat, providing even, smooth coverage.

4. Endurance
Stain resistance: Harsh stains, such as red lipstick, can easily be wiped away with soap and water, so wiping down walls is a snap.
Bond-ability: Quality paint adheres completely to the wall, reducing peeling or chipping on even the most difficult surfaces.
Rub resistance: To prevent painted walls from looking tired and worn, quality paint resists glossy spots from repeated contact in high-traffic areas.
5. Price
Price does not equal a paint brand’s level of quality. Every brand of paint uses a similar manufacturing process. The differentiator is the premium blend of quality ingredients in the base paint, such as resins, pigments, solvents and additives.

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