Train Station Transformed

There’s a local movement in the border city of Carlisle, UK (10 miles South of Scotland) to keep a train station decorated as it was for a Homebase commercial that included vibrant flooring, modern lighting and contemporary furniture.
The train station is considered “listed” and therefore must maintain its historical facade but the residents are definitely enjoying a bit of colour and comfort in their normally rote commutes.
There’s now a Facebook group with more than 6,000 members that hopes it has convinced Virgin trains to keep some of the decor and it looks like they’ve gained a bit of notoriety in their town and Virgin has stated they will try to incorporate some of the changes leftover from the station makeover.

Great to seem some local activism in the name of fabulous decor. We certainly hope Homebase is behind them and who knows, maybe they’ve inspired B&Q to makeover Waterloo station.

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