Trane Communicates for Your Comfort

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to ever think of your HVAC system and your home temperature was always set as you like it and that if there were any issues you’d be warned ahead of time instead of arriving home to this horrible scene!
Trane has informed us that we should check out their ComfortLink II Residential Communicating System that connects all the communicating components of a home’s air conditioning and heating or HVAC system, while providing remote telephone access to the system, any time of day, from anywhere in the world.
Here’s what they say:

By harnessing two-way digital communication technology, this revolutionary product self-automates time-consuming tasks for homeowners, gathering and presenting them with valuable information about their systems for constant monitoring, comfort and convenience
Special technology is built into specific Trane products, allowing them to “communicate” with each other. The interfaces enable all communicating components in the air conditioning and heating or HVAC system to be automatically and properly charged, configured and calibrated. The system is designed to run its own self-diagnostics to ensure the airflow for heating and cooling modes, as well as the correct heat source configuration, blower timings and humidity control
The system acts like a piece of ‘plug and play’ computer hardware. All of the default settings have already been preprogrammed and run automatically once the system is in place
In addition, the Charge Assist feature means there’s no need for on-site refrigerant calculations or measurements. The system automatically and accurately charges itself to ensure homeowners receive the ultimate in reliability, efficiency, comfort, convenience and peace of mind

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