Tune Up Your Outdoor Furniture

Time to dust off your patio set and revel in spring weather. Here’s a few tips from the Washington Post to get iron, teak and plastic in shape.
Wrought iron: If you see rust damage, scrub off as much as possible, ideally down to bare metal, with a wire brush. Scuff up other areas by sanding lightly. Paint with rust-inhibiting primer, then repaint.
Teak: If the wood is blotchy or black with mildew, scrub it with a teak cleaner and a synthetic or brass pad. One-part cleaners are safest; they don’t damage the wood. Rinse and let dry. Then apply teak oil if you want the wood to stay its natural color. Skip the oil if you’d rather have wood that ages to a mellow gray.

Strap or plastic wicker: Remove brittle plastic and weave on new vinyl strapping. A lattice pattern with a double wrap on the frame is more durable than simple horizontal straps. Find materials by searching the phone book or local Web directory for “patio furniture repair.”
And if your furniture is looking a bit weathered or tired, I always find a fresh coat of paint does the trick.
Photo: JAGWired

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