Unclog A Drain…Fashionably.

When Joan Crawford demanded the absence of wire hangers, she clearly never had to unclog her tub. For the past few weeks, I’ve avoided the growing pool of water by my feet during each of my morning showers.
Chemical materials like Draino just aren’t for me and a plumber isn’t in my budget. I started researching my options and it seemed like every response began with a simple solution: stick a wire hanger down your drain.
Here’s the breakdown of what happened.
First, I popped off the top to my drain with a screwdriver and peered in. I couldn’t see any obvious blockage, even with a flashlight.
Next I poured a kettle of boiling water down the drain – a tip from my neighbor who suggested it. After running the shower for a few moments, the puddle did fill up a little slower, but there was still blockage.

Finally, the wire hanger. It was hard to come up with since I banished them from my closet ages ago. I untwisted the hanger until it was about 10 inches long – and I bent a small hook into the top. I reached down into the drain as far as I could, scraping the sides in a clockwise motion while I slowly pulled it back out. The result? A whole head of hair. At least it looked that way.
I repeated this step a few times until my hanger was hair-free. Though it appear my locks are the culprit this time around, I’m still convinced that there must be some drywall or pieces of plaster in there from recent construction. But for my next shower, I might consider a hairnet.
Next time I may have to resort to the Zip-It
Do you have any clever ways of unclogging drains?
Photo: ValetheKid

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