Urban Warehouse Renovation

In my recent issue of Natural Home, I fell in love with a revamped warehouse-turned-home in Chicago. I was most impressed with the home’s exterior elements. Outside is a greenhouse and a roof garden surrounding solar panels. An outdoor boardwalk overlooks the courtyard and connects to the homeowner’s studio. There’s even sculptural wind turbines coming out of the roof.
urban-warehouse.jpgThe homeowner’s motives for renovating a decades-old warehouse were simple – to show that, with a little imagination, abandoned city buildings can be reused.
There are details throughout the home that showcased the couple’s commitment to green building, like the wood flooring from elm trees that Chicago metropolitan municipalities had to take down.

They’ve used all EnergyStar appliances, formaldeyde-free cellulose insulation and reused 90% of the original brick building. Phew.
For more details on the project, check out the entire article here.

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