Enjoy a Pest Free Summer with a Screened Porch

MINI Track recently contacted us regarding their do-it-yourself porch screen solutions. We love spending time outdoors in the summer but sometimes the little buggies can get too much and its nice to enjoy lunch/dinner in a screened porch area without worrying about flies and other pests.
Here’s a testimonial from one of their customers who recently installed their own MINI Track system. It seems like the process is doable for any enthusiastic homeowner. If you are considering an outdoor screened porch this looks like a good option. But make sure you do all of your own research and decide for yourself.
Read on for his experience with MINI Track.

For years, Nashville-area homeowner Brett Keiper wanted to transform his awning-covered patio into a screened-in porch. The awning was twisted and warped, didn’t look good, and needed to be replaced.
Brett enjoys working on projects around his home and does most of them himself. But he feared that a traditional porch would be too labor intensive and costly, especially for a DIY person like himself. So, he searched the Internet for screen porch manufacturers and came across MINI Track™, a two-part extruded aluminum porch screening system from Screen Tight™, located in Georgetown, SC.
Brett liked the way the system looked and decided its clean and simple installation would give him the freedom and versatility he needed to install the system himself. MINI Track™, he felt, would easily span the 7-by-5½-foot area he needed to screen, and would provide access to the porch from his kitchen and bedroom through an existing pair of French doors.
Brett settled on MINI Track™ and went to his local home improvement store, where he selected a heavy-duty screen to use with the system. He also bought two doors. These included a 3-foot-wide door that accessed the breezeway from the porch and a 30-inch-wide door that led to a small deck with a hot tub.
Installation Described
Keiper hired a home improvement contractor to install the wooden framework for his screen porch, which has many angles and big timber frames. Brett used a reciprocating saw to safely disassemble the old awning. The contractor later installed a shingled roof to cover the new porch, since Keiper felt that doing this part of the project would be too time-consuming.
The two-part MINI Track™ package includes ultra low-profile small clips that fasten to the porch frame at equal distances, and channels that snap over the clips to hide them for a clean, professional look. Clips were placed about 2 inches from the corners and every 10 inches thereafter. The clips were evenly spaced, with the flat sides of the clips parallel to the frame.
Keiper selected mostly 8-foot-¾-inch-by-3¼-inch bronze channels but also needed three 10-foot-tall channels and one 12-foot-tall channel for installation over the higher porch areas.
After cutting the channels to length, Keiper first installed the top and bottom channels by snapping them over the clips and tapping them with a rubber mallet. Next, he installed the left and right MINI Track™ verticals.
The spline was then rolled into the groove of the MINI Track™ channels to hold the fabric in place. Keiper started at the top and worked his way to the sides
and bottom. At the end, he trimmed off any excess screen mesh. Tools needed for the project included a chop saw, roller knife, spline, screwdriver, drill, and rubber mallet.
Easy to Install
Keiper found that ScreenTight™’s directions were straightforward and that MINI Track™ was easy to install. He said if he had questions, he called Screen Tight™ and that the service personnel there were very helpful. “I am really pleased with how easy Screen Tight was to work with,” he said.
“I like it that the fasteners are hidden, the result of which is a clean installation,” Keiper adds. “You don’t see the fasteners at all, the channels are small and hidden, and it looks clean and non-obtrusive. People always tell me how great it looks and we couldn’t be happier.”
His MINI Track™ has been up since January 2009. “The installation looks really professional, Keiper said. “In the several months since completing installation, we haven’t had any problems. We are extremely pleased with how the system blends into the decor. It adds a lot of ambience and comfort to our home.”
For Keiper, completing the project is a dream come true. “We have wanted to do this for years and now we are glad that we did.”

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