Using Greywater Technology in Your Home

In an effort to act locally and reuse the resources we have, some homeowners have turned to greywater technology to replenish the non-potable (not approved for drinking) water in their homes. The AQUS System from WaterSaver Technologies takes used water from your sink and filters and disinfects it so it can then be reused to supply the toilet. Another example of greywater use is collecting and storing rainwater for home use.

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  • Definetly a good way to use less water and keep things enviro-friendly. Good post

  • I thought the greay water system that connected the bathroom sink to the toilet was great! I wonder how long its been available and how reliable it is.
    I’ve installed greywater systems in houses that connected the bathroom sink water to outside storage tanks for landscape watering. But, connecting the water directly to the toilet is a big step ahead of what I have been doing.
    Terry Sprouse

  • Build your own DIY Greywater Recycling System for $350 and save over 30% on your monthly water bill! Details at

  • Great and simple tool for Greywater recycling